The Ouija 2000

The Ouija 2000


A better tool for sketching.

Frustrated after trying every stencil on the market (and only using the straight-edges), I decided to make one.

The design is a distillation of actual sketches. After sifting through the most common building blocks in my sketchbooks, I then arranged them into a flexible and internally-consistent vocabulary.

The design is optimized for usefulness, quality, and speed in sketching UX interfaces and flows.



Stencils are cut on 3mm Matte Acrylic – translucent enough to allow for rapid alignment precision, but slightly blurred to frame the intended sketch area.

Cutouts & Proportions

It measures 5⨉2.25 inches, allowing for two large side-by-side screens to fit on a landscape Fabriano notebook page, in addition to UX thumbnail flows using the center cutout. This also fits easily into any size notebook or marker case.


Incremental markers line the insides and edges; not in inches or pixels, which don't matter for sketches, but relative to the stencil's components.

The hooked markers along the top correspond to the stencil's height, allowing you to use it without all that constant rotating.


Ouija boards unveil answers by moving a planchette gracefully across a wooden board, much like the movement of a designer unveiling answers with a stencil across their paper.

And the number 2000 is just a random number that makes things sound cool.


How can you get one?

For now, just shoot me a note, and we'll figure it out from there.