Logo & Identity


Logo & Identity

From time to time, someone needs help crafting a logo or a brand. And it's always a blast.


CCL Plant Bio (2016)

This logo for Counter Culture Labs' Plant Bio Group uses a double metaphor.

First, it was inspired by the shape of the chlorophyll molecule. Second, It's shaped like a sideways flower. To top things off, it uses the same colors as the chlorophyll-⍺ molecule. Because plants rule.


Care One Home Health Services (2012)

This logo was chosen by the client from a variety of 9 alternatives, laid out on a grid.

The C/O motif is blended to symbolize a holistic health approach, while the tree anchors the motif to emphasize roots laid down by the elderly.

The font Optima was chosen for its professional yet soulful elegance – a symbolic hint at patients' more "serifed" past.


IU International Networking (2011)

Revamped a series of four logos for IU's trans-oceanic internet pipelines, so that they fit together consistently and followed good design practices.

Additionally, two artifacts were created for use in graphic materials.

First, a striped "data pipeline" motif to accent every piece of design, while staying within IU's strict brand guidelines.

Second, a global vector map that sat in the background, providing visual depth, and a constant reminder of the magnitude of the operations.