Hi. I'm a UX designer at
Salesforce in San Francisco.

Looking back, I can’t recall a single time growing up that I thought, I want to be a designer. Probably because design has been the invisible thread connecting my natural hobbies and interests—whether it was studying language systems in early grade school, crafting a guitar stand out of walnut, or making an early contribution to the CSS Zen Garden.

Now, after over 8 years designing professionally, I’ve worked across many industries including education, marketing, law, and biotechnology. My work has ranged from designing a new platform for science, to a workforce management solution, to optimizing IA for U.S. election software. I thrive on the interaction side of the house, but most of my projects have included visual design as well.

Beyond work, I enjoy exploring the city with my wife, creating artwork, gardening, and customizing my motorcycle.